Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Cooperation Today!

If the babies would cooperate my plan for the day was to work on our sales page. I couldn't spend a tremendous amount of time begging for pics because the boys were all home for supper tonight and they were bringing friends. They eat a LOT of food!  My menu plan was stew beef served with garlic and parsley mashed potatoes, butter peas, spinach casserole and deviled eggs. That should fill them up...
The morning feeding and milking done, I went ahead and did a few extra chores including raking the barn once again. Today I would not be doing the rearranging I had hoped. Maybe tomorrow. It was back to the house where I put the beef on to simmer and boil the eggs. The better part of supper done, I headed to the barn to photograph my little subjects or I tried to.
 They were more interested in following me around, hiding in the dark corners or giving nice butt shots.
After a bit I realized today would not be the day for pictures but as usual I enjoyed trying!

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