Monday, March 12, 2012

Things are in full swing here on the homestead. These are the days that we are so busy they blur into one another. Over the weekend we had our next to the last set of  dairy kids born and our first Icelandic lamb hit the ground. I had not planned on the overlapping but that is the animal way, I guess. This lamb is from one of our new girls brought back from Alabama and is bringing some new genetics into the flock, something we are looking forward to.
Early this morning I called to check on the meat bird order. Due to a miscommunication they won't be here until next week, the same day our layers are coming. That gives me a week to figure that one out...
We checked our bees yesterday and took what we hope to be all of the queen cells out. They are crowded and I am minus a few pieces to add an additional box. So today I made a quick trip to my favorite bee guy and picked up what we needed. We had a nice chat and he cautioned me that due to the warm weather and early spring, bees were swarming a good bit this year. I told him I really wanted a third hive and he said if we weren't careful we may get one. I hurried home with my supplies, knowing we would be building frames tonight!
It was finally dry enough to get the garden tilled and I was finally able to get sweet shelling peas, onions, carrots, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and broccoli raab in.
I also met with a young lady that is going to intern with us this summer. We are both really excited about that and look forward to getting started in the next couple of weeks. With her help and the help of another friend it should be a great spring and summer and we hope to get lots accomplished!
Luke and his girlfriend cooked a divine supper for us tonight and that allowed my husband and I to work late and get the hive bodies ready as well as lay out the rows  for the potatoes that will go in the ground tomorrow.

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