Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Chicks

The phone rang early this morning. Our meat birds were here along with the first of our new layers. Once again we ordered the cornish rock crosses for the meat birds. This year I have ordered Araucanas, Black Sexlinks, Cuckoo Marans and Welsummers as our replacement layer flock. The Araucanas and Sexlinks came today and so our chick count today was 62!  The others layers are due in about 4 weeks along with the turkeys and 25 more meat birds.
Once the chicks were settled and the morning milking and feeding chores were done I got busy weeding the perennial beds. Due to the exceptionally warm winter the chickweed has taken over every bed we have. That was a slow and tedious job because other plants are peaking out of the ground and much care had to be taken as to not pull up the wanted along with the unwanted. After several hours, mission accomplished, and the first bed now resembled a flower bed again.
This year we are enlarging the kitchen herb beds and I moved a few plants around. I hope to add more medicinal herbs in addition the greater quantities of culinary herbs.
Then is was back to the barn to feed the starving children...

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