Friday, March 23, 2012

A Strange Garden

We are having a strange spring and it is in turn creating a strange garden. It feels as though as we have skipped spring altogether and gone straight to summer. It has been downright hot for the last two weeks.This time of year I should be planting cool weather crops and have put a few in. They are struggling in the heat. I plan to put a few more in but will also put in several of our hot weather crops. The plants in the greenhouse are growing by leaps and bounds and need to go in now.
So today I planted cabbage and broccoli along with tomatoes and green beans! A few celery plants went in along with some radishes. I had hoped to plant more but storms were brewing and thunder rolled in the distance. I opted to hold off on a lot of the plants just in case we have some hail tonight. This will be the year of the mish-mosh garden!

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