Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Your Intern

Today with the help of our new intern, a great amount of work was completed in a short period of time! I may have still been out in the garden if not for her help.
She arrived to the usual chaos in the barnyard. The milking does were not being the most cooperative and the babies were downright unruly. We finished up there, got everyone into their assigned pastures and headed to the garden.
On today's list was to harvest all of the rutabagas and beets. Later this week we will till a few more rows and this one along with the lettuce row will be among those. We pulled up the root crops and hauled them in baskets to top, rinse and bag for the fridge. The tops were fed to the sheep and chickens.
 Once that was done we moved them to the coolness of the garage. We also planted some kenebec potatoes.
Next we started on the blueberry patch. It was an overgrown mess of weeds. Hoeing and weeding our way through it, we got it cleaned up and the bushes were fertilized. Then a thick layer of pine needles were spread over the bed. The end result looked fabulous!
We then enjoyed a farmstead lunch of egg salad and spinach wraps. She had put quite a day and we packed her up a basket full of the fruits of her labors that included beets, rutabagas, spinach, beet greens and fresh eggs. Thanks Alicia!

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