Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need A Rainy Day

The weekend promised 2 days of clouds and showers. It didn't happen here. Others things that did not "happen" were laundry, running the vacuum cleaner or soap making. The dishes didn't  get washed on a regular basis and my family begged to eat earlier than 8 p.m.
Instead I mucked the barn, weeded the strawberries, cleaned out flower beds and made lamb checks.
Today I promised to catch up in the house....but the sun came up. And it was warm. And the birds were singing and the grass needed mowing. And the laundry is still not done...
However, pots are filled with bright flowers and new flower beds have been created!
I also harvested our first  few asparagus of the season.
And best of all we are finally able to cheat the babies out of some milk... 2 gallons today. I brought it in the house, strained and added the culture right then. Cheese tomorrow!

p.s. Supper was ready at 7:40!


  1. I'm right there with you Kelly. I've been combing cashmeres, doing hooves, cleaning out every pen/house (except mine), working in the garden,etc. My own house and laundry lies forgotten and only occasionally do I actually have supper planned by 5pm. I know this will come to a quick end when the temps start going up in the afternoon. Then I'll be retreating inside to the AC and catching up on all of that......maybe.

  2. Ah well..'tis the season and wouldn't we be bored if we weren't working ourselves to death ;o))Have fun with your cashmere, I need to get that done as well. Did you see our cashgora kids we have this year. Beautiful!!

  3. Let me know if you end up with any black cashmeres you want to sell.