Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today was butchering day. We started early and by 1:00 had 33 broilers and 6 old roosters ready for the freezer. We decided that the roosters, because of their age, were almost more trouble than they were worth! Very tough to butcher and clean so maybe the last few will make their way to the local auction...
After cleaning up and putting all the equipment away we grabbed a late lunch and started mowing grass. It takes one person close to 6 hours to do all the mowing and trimming so we usually try to tag team that chore.
Unfortunately the day was about over by the time we finished.
Sis and Mom are both out of town so I headed next door to tend Mom's goats and check Jill's garden. Back home we cleaned the sheep's wound, finished the last of our critter chores and took a late evening walk around the farm. We discovered the green beans are hanging full and will need to be picked tomorrow and the garden needs to be cultivated. Looks like a garden day on the horizon.    

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