Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A nice pile of snow peas were picked to day. They have been struggling with the heat, so I think we won't get many more unless it cools a bit but I'll take it. I can't wait to steam these little babies up, toss them with butter and garlic salt and devour!
The first cucumber was picked today as well. The vines are loaded with little cukes and tons of blooms. Looks like we will be overrun with them shortly so I will be making pickles in the near future I am sure.
Lots of little squash are forming and the green beans are blooming.
The black eyed peas, okra and green beans planted 10 days ago have popped out of the ground. Things are starting to look really good. We are really hoping for a good garden year. Last year with all of the heavy rains and hot temps the garden made very little to preserve. The pantry is quite bare and needs a good restocking.

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