Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Feeling A Bit Abused

Today I had a good friend that was going to help with tagging lambs, getting pics and moving them to another pasture. Unfortunately she had a family emergency and couldn't make it. I pondered a bit because I knew tagging alone was out of the question and if moved, the lambs would be much harder to catch. Doug said to move them since the pasture they were on was getting sparse and we would build a temporary holding pen to tag them in the next couple of weeks. (Can you see me rolling my eyes? Ok, yeah. Let's add the to the ever growing to-do list.  )
Before moving to the new pasture they needed to be checked and probably dewormed. After delivering bread, I gathered all necessary equipment and headed to the barn around 11. For some reason the sheep were most uncooperative today. None of them wanted to be handled at all and what should have been a relatively easy chore turned into a three hour battle. I could say I won because they were all checked, wormed as needed and administered vitamins. However, one look at more poor bruised and battered body and that would probably be debatable. Arms and legs are covered with pretty purple spots and a lovely large one on my fanny from being tossed into a gate latch from a big bully of a ewe charging between my legs to escape. She was the only one I threatened to kill....
In the end they were all checked out and we made the trek to the new pasture. I decided to do something a bit less hard on my body and headed to the garden to pick more snow peas!

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