Saturday, April 10, 2010

Working on the Garden Shed & Orchard

A while back we bought an old pony barn from our neighbor. It has been sitting, waiting for it's real purpose in life and this weekend began it's new life as the garden shed. We cleaned it out and measured it for a new floor and interior walls. We plan to put a front porch on it and potting shed off of the side. We will keep all of our gardening tools, hoses , sprayers, ect in it. We hope to eventually run power so we can store our seeds as well.

We measured for the picket fence that I want to run across the front of the orchard. It is already fenced on three sides and I want to fence the front so the meat birds will have another pasture to range in. I am also hoping it will help with insect issues under the fruit trees.We did have to put up some 2 ft. chicken wire along one side since that fencing the 4 x4 woven wire and the birds can fit through it for a bit longer. They are getting really big and will be moved to the chicken tractor this week to finish feathering out and then on to the pasture.

While working in the orchard I got the raspberry bed weeded and mulched. This year looks like we will have a bumper crop of apples, berries, pears and plums. The apple blossoms were just beautiful!!

This morning lamb check revealed a huge black ram lamb that was still slightly damp. He was doing well and his mom was none too pleased that I wanted to handle him. I am amazed that more ewes have not gone this week. They are all huge! Right now our count stands at 3 ewes and 2 rams.

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