Monday, April 26, 2010

Planting the Field & Happy Sheep

We finally finished getting the field ready for millet and got that in Saturday morning. The field has not been worked for years and needed a good bit done to it. We spent most of Friday ripping it, then tilling, then dragging it... At one point we had 2 tractors and the bobcat working it. We had what seemed like millions of rocks to pick up. I walked along in front of the bobcat bucket tossing in rocks for well over 2 hours! We called it a day around 7:30. Talk about sleeping good!!

Saturday morning the radar looked like it was about to pour any second so Doug hurried out to get the seed and fertilizer out around 5 a.m. while I started baking. The rain didn't make it here until late afternoon so we were able to finish stretching the fence and move the animals to another pasture. Late afternoon brought a slow and steady rain that lasted all night, perfect for the crop!!

Sunday the next to last LGD pup left. I have one here but am sitting on the fence about keeping him. At 8 weeks I see a lot potential in him. I am just not sure I have the energy to raise a puppy this summer ;o))

Today the sheep got to go out to the pasture. They were so thrilled after having been dry lotted for the last few weeks. I first fed them hay and grain so their tummies were full.( I didn't want them gorging on all that tall luscious grass!) I then de-wormed all of the adults. That went fairly well and I only got my feelings hurt once when a young ewe nailed me in the leg. Hopefully this year I can keep a handle on the parasite issues here. I am also feeding kelp mixed with DE, which they seem to love, fingers crossed, we will see if this helps. Will keep you posted on that...

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