Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally! New Lambs

Just as I was beginning to think the girls were going to hold out forever, we were blessed with 5 lambs this weekend. A set of twins were born Friday a single and another set of twins this morning. All are healthy and doing well. I am supplementing the tiny little girl born Friday with a bit of goats milk since her brother is such a pig but she is still nursing as well. We have 3 ewes left to go and 4 that did not or were not bred this year, so lambing will be over soon.

Yesterday we set posts for yet another cross fence. We plan to stretch wire one evening this week. This puts us at 8 pastures that we can rotate off and on. A definite dream come true, especially for the sheep and goats and managing parasite issues. One pasture will be planted in millet this coming week. We will mow it for hay once and then forage it later this summer. We are now thinking we may plant winter rye in that pasture in the fall and have good grazing all winter for some of the animals. Those plans are still being tossed around.
We finally got the meat birds moved to the tractor this weekend as well. They were extremely happy to be able to move about! I am still keeping lights on them for a couple more weeks since our nights are still a bit chilly. They will be moved to the orchard in about 2 weeks to finish growing out.
Lastly we got a few more crops in the ground. Sweet corn, popcorn, tomatoes and squash just to name a few. I hope to get everything else in this coming week. We are in desperate need of rain which is hard to believe as wet as it was earlier. Hay season is right around the corner!

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