Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lamb #2 ... and 3 & 4

When I arrived home from work today I discovered a lovely little moorit spotted ewe lamb. I was so excited since I didn't get not one spotted lamb last year! I went on to get chores done as we are under a tornado watch and bad weather is expected. My sweet young son had already come home and corralled the puppies in a stall so we could put the horses under cover and not have to worry about them getting stepped on. Talk about some unhappy campers! I have never heard such crying and whining going on. Thank goodness they finally got tired and went to sleep!

We dodged showers and finally got everyone taken care of. I got back to the house and started supper. Once everything was pretty much ready,I scampered back to the barn to take a pic of the new arrival just in time to find 2 more newer arrivals! They were still soaking wet. It was thundering and starting to rain again but I was able to slowly entice her to the barn where they would be warm and dry. It looks like we have a gray moorit ram and a solid moorit ewe. I snapped a few pics and headed back to the house.
My son was concerned about something that was skittering on the pond surface and went to check it out. He called for me to come help. It turned out to be a bat that had somehow landed it the middle of the pond and made it to shore. Poor little guy was wet and cold. I wasn't real sure what to do with it , so I went to get a shovel and brought it up to where it would at least be dry for the night. I put in a pot under shed with plants in it. Later I went to take a picture of it as well and the little thing was gone. I hope it dried out and went on to eat LOTS of insects.

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