Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crazy Weather

This morning around 5:30, as I was thinking about getting out of bed, I heard the weather man say "chance of thunderstorms and possibly hail". Great, I thought. The horses need to be put up and all those plants I bought yesterday will need to be put under cover. So, I hit the floor running. I still had to bake, milk, feed babies and leave for work at 9:40. Chores done, I made it to work. Sometimes that is a nice place to go and rest! ;o)
Rain began to fall around noon and so did the temperatures. So much so we had to build a fire in the old wood stove to warm the store. By the time I left work I was about to freeze. A cold rain fell all evening as I finished up chores. Wearing jeans, 2 shirts and winter boots, it truly felt like winter again. Yuk~
On the bright side of things though, when I turned the sheep out yesterday I also turned out Jasmine, the milk cow, and tonight her milk was up about 3/4 gallon to almost 2 gallons again. Amazing what some good green grass will do for a girl!

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