Friday, April 2, 2010

And The Poultry Saga Continues

Yesterday our temperature reached 84*. With it just being in the 50's earlier this week the animals are having a hard time adjusting. The baby chicks included. After I got off work and started my afternoon chores I noticed all the chicks were as far from the light as possible and very hot. I decided to unplug the brooder for a while and made a mental note to plug it back up at last barn check. Herein lies the problem- I don't have mental notes, I have sticky notes. What time did I remember the brooder was off? 1 a.m. So I once again took the moon lite run to the barn. Chicks were fine, I gave them some water and headed back to bed. However, after my refreshing little jog, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I lay there making to-do lists until around five.

I was finally able to drag myself out of bed and get the bread orders made and delivered. We had a lady coming to see the lgd puppies around eleven, so I needed to get back and get a few things done before hand. She fell in love with the one I would have kept, but knew I could not, as there had been made mention of an untimely death (mine) if I did not place some dogs ;o)) I am glad to know she is going to a good working home only an hour away. We had several other visitors stop by and purchase eggs.

My husband took off a bit early today so we could get some much needed chores done today but we first had to make a feed store run to pick up a few more seed potatoes. We tilled the garden and readied it for planting green beans and potatoes tomorrow. We also inspected the fence damage from all the torrential rains and decided we will have to haul in a load of dirt tomorrow as well. We finished up odds and ends and it was time for Jasmine to be milked. She has had a bit of spring fever I think and has not been meeting me in our usual milking spot. I have had to track her down a couple of times. Today was no different, I called and called but she did not respond. I loaded the Gator with the pails and cleansing water and headed out to find her. The problem with that, is the road to the other pasture has washed out as well and is very steep going down, so juggling all the pails and water and not loosing them is quite a trick. I finally arrived in the lower field to find that Jasmine was no where in site. It seems we must have passed somewhere along the line and I obviously did not see her. So back UP the hill I go all the while holding onto pails and water. Halfway up I realized the hay I was hauling in the back for the rams was no longer with me. Arggg .. My happy mood was fading fast. So I stopped and loaded the hay. Twice. As I arrived at the "milking spot" Jasmine was standing there contentedly eating hay. I was a little irritated, but big brown eyes and two gallons of milk earn forgiveness pretty quickly.

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