Monday, April 12, 2010

Heading To The Hills

Today I made a flying trip to Bakersville, N.C. to deliver 2 of the lgd pups and pick up some dairy goat kids. Only planning to come back with one, I ended up coming back with 3. And that is the way it is when I visit Oak Moon Farm and Creamery! My dear sweet friends and dairy goat mentors, Cynthia and Dwain, have been there for me since I bought my first dairy goats many years ago. I also snuck into the creamery and picked up some of her famous "red cat" chevre which is my favorite cheese she makes and was licking it off the lid on the way down the road. It is a wonder any made it home.
My mom came along for the ride and we met up with her sister and hubby for for a quick bite to eat before heading down the mountain. Road construction was an absolute pain and it seemed evey time we started making decent time we were hung up again. Finally arrived back down here around 4, but had to swing in by the feed store and drop mom.
Once home, I got all the new children settled and fed and finished up all the other chores by 8 or so.
No new lambs today.

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