Friday, April 9, 2010


Or should I say OMG the weekend is here?! It seems that this was a week of just getting by.

I awoke to the barking of all the dogs at the gate. I went to investigate and found a really old lab-looking dog hanging there. We are of the mindset to shoot, shovel and shut up if strays are running or attacking our stock. This old guy just seemed to be a bit lost, down in the hips, cataracts, gray at the mouth. I figured he was probably not a threat but I did call the local vets to see if they knew where he might belong. No luck. I delivered bread and came back to look for him to see if I could find his home. He was not around anymore. Seems my neighbor called animal control and had him picked up. I will continue to try and find out where he belongs, poor guy.
I did manage to disbud a few more goats today with the help of my son. The dreaded deed. I had to re-do some of the earlier kids and do the last of the newer ones. They all survived but I felt a bit nauseous after we were done. The next to last dairy goat kidded late today. It is my part lamancha, unfortunately it is a buck but he is a cutie.

My dear hubby has been working practically 24/7 and told me he was mine for tomorrow. Silly man does he really want to attack my to do list?? Hmmm... where do we begin.

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  1. Dear Kelly,

    Poor hubby! Some dream of a pool boy. We dream of a farm guy! lol Malena is home safely. Doing ok. She has stolen all our hearts. Hugs to you. L