Monday, April 5, 2010

Today was a relatively uneventful day. I spent a good part of it with a wonderful friend. We had lunch on the porch and visited with all of the critters.
It was hot today, 87*, I think, and the water buckets are showing it. I am having to fill at least twice daily and will need to add some extras to the pastures soon as to make sure they don't run out while I am at work.
It was also our wedding anniversary, 19 years. We grilled some fish and spent a quiet evening on the porch listening to the night creatures. We almost made it to dessert when the familiar howl of the coyotes started. That of course sent all of the guard dogs into a frenzied state. About that time I heard the most horrible screaming coming from the back of the barn. I was down the hill in a flash, my son was racing to get the four wheeler for light and my husband was coming behind me with the shotgun. Thankfully, it was nothing tragic. Earlier today I had weaned the puppies and had put their mom in with the sheep. Well they somehow managed to wiggle under a gate and the new sheep mom decided they were a danger to her lamb and proceeded to roll a few around. Nothing hurt but a few feelings, thank goodness.

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