Monday, February 25, 2013

Today was pruning day. I spent the morning pruning the grape vines, butterfly bushes and ornamental grasses. A large pile in the backyard now sits waiting for me burn.
I planted elephant ear bulbs beside the steps leading to the pool and around my Savannah bird girl statue, going for a more tropical looking garden there this year.
Then I was off to the barn. I realized over the weekend when I looked at my notes that I did not have 5 weeks until we kidded, some are actually due in the next few days! (that aging thing again) So that meant the goats needed to be pulled out of the sheep pasture to ensure they get adequate nutrition for the upcoming arrivals and themselves. The sheep tend to be more aggressive over food than the goats. Fresh minerals, hay and grain for all. Doug sent a couple of his guys over to scrape the barn and stalls out for me. (Payment for my help yesterday?) The stalls are now full of shavings. The heat lamps have new bulbs and we are ready for babies.
Then it was back to the pool to dip leaves. A chore I was very behind on. A couple of hours of that and I had all the fun I could stand outside today. It had been a cloudy, damp day and I was cold and wet. A stop by the woodshed to gather a load of wood and I headed for the warmth of the house and a fire!

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