Monday, February 18, 2013

First thing on this morning's agenda was to bake some special order breads. Once baked, I set on racks to cool and headed to pick up lambs we had processed last week. This is a  2 1/2 hour trip. I can't seem to find anyone closer that I feel can trust with our meats. Sigh.
While waiting for my boxes I stumbled upon some beef tallow. I asked if they also had pig fat and sure enough they did.
I ordered 5 lbs. Yeah! I will be rendering lard in the very near future. Not today though, since I had all the lamb bones saved and the crockpot will be tied up making stock for the next few days.
Once home, bread was picked up and I put the bones on to roast. While they were in the oven I got my feeding chores finished up.

After the bones were roasted I added lots of organic veggies and even tossed in the mushroom stems from a couple of nights ago. (I knew I would find a use for them.) This looks like it will be a delicious rich stock!
 Last on my list was to cut the soap that was made over the weekend. A whopping 147 bars!
I think the cucumber melon turned out quite nice!

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