Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Grilling Station

We are still not quite finished with the remodeling projects. The last of it is finishing the repairs to the screen porch where water blew in under the door and rotted the floor. Doug decided to brick up the lower part of it. While working on that he decided instead of a landing by the door, ( a whole other project started a while back and never finished!) he would build a grilling station. It would make more room on the patio and let us get rid of the wooden table that is there now.
So today I was the brick hauler and he the layer. This was the slowest section to work on since he had to tie the new brick into the old. This is taking longer than we hoped because he can't lay brick when it is going to freeze at night. Well, he could but I refuse to let him put antifreeze in the mortar! I went really well though and we got a lot accomplished. We need another good weekend and this should be finished. That will leave painting and re screening and THEN he can start on my cold frames!

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