Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thunder Snow

What a very strange day we had!
It spit snow all morning but nothing was sticking since it was 60* yesterday. I had several special orders to bake and spent most of the morning doing that. After delivery, I tended the critters. I wanted to feed extra hay since it was so cold outside. Once that was done, I decided it was a good day to make a pot of soup and catch up on some soap making. Doug was working outside. He was trying to finish up the last of the remodeling. Around 4 or so I noticed it was getting very dark. At 4:15, the Heavens opened up and within minutes the ground was covered. Doug was covered too! He came in and said he had heard thunder just shortly before the small blizzard blew in....
We just stood at the window and watched in amazement. The snow flakes looked like giant feathers floating to the ground. Just beautiful!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I was in NY one year when I witnessed Thunder Snow. I never knew such a thing happened since I grew up in the South.

    Hope your feet are staying dry. That looks like a lot of wet snow to trek through!

  2. Very beautiful, I love it when there is fresh snow. We started full timing RVing 4 years ago, so i haven't seen the snow for 4 years. I miss the beauty of it. My husband says he doesn't care to ever see it again.

  3. LOL This was the perfect snow! Beautiful to watch, never caused much in the way of traffic problems and gone by Sunday afternoon!