Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Class Descriptions

Beginner Bread Class:
Learn to bake the perfect whole wheat bread. From grinding the wheat berries to pulling a warm loaf from the oven. An overview of other whole grains will be covered. Class cost includes handouts and a loaf of bread to take home. Of course, we will sample and weather permitting a short farm tour while the bread bakes.
Cost: 15.00 per person. Class lasts about 2 hours.  Class times and dates are flexible. If you want to take it or have a small group feel free to contact me and we will set a date! .

Soap Class:
Learn to make homemade goat milk soaps the easy way! Students will participate in making several batches of soaps using essential and fragrance oils. Class cost includes handouts, soap to take home and a visit with the goats that supply the milk! Soap molds can be ordered at class. July 20th 11-2  FULL 

Homesteading 101:
Wonder where to start? Let us guide you with our 20 + years of experience! Learn from our mistakes and successes. We will tour the farm, discussing the different animals on our homestead and what they do for us. We will also tour the fruit and vegetable gardens and enjoy a lunch from foods grown and prepared here on the farm! Bring notepad, pencil and LOTS of questions!
Cost 35.00 per person  Class lasts: ? TBA- August

Beginner Cheese Class:
Learn to make a variety of soft cheeses. Chevre', feta and mozzarella along with homemade yogurt. We will taste our creations and visit with the dairy goats. Class cost covers handouts, recipes, a bottle of rennet, a packet of cheese culture and of course some cheese to take home.
Cost 50.00 per person. Class lasts 2-3 hours. July 29th 11-2  FULL

Preserving the Harvest:
Learn how to preserve all those wonderful vegetables that you have grown or purchased from your local farmer's market to enjoy all year long! Pressure can green beans, use the boiling water bath for your tomatoes, jams and salsa, dehydrate jerky, sun dried tomatoes and more! Class cost covers handouts, lunch and a copy of the Ball Blue Book of Canning.
This will be a series of days. The garden will predict what, how and when.  June-July-August


  1. I wish I could attend some of these classes. We are full time RVers and going west this spring. Next year we will be going up the east coast. Hope you will have these classes next year. We are looking while we travel for some place to settle down and homestead when done traveling in a couple of years. i enjoy your blog so i can learn as much as I can before we settle down.

  2. Well, feel free to park here when you head our way but you know I will probably put ya to work!! I hope to continue classes and helping others learn to homestead. Stay safe on the road!

  3. I would love to help with anything to learn if dairy goats are what I really want!

  4. I was checking back to see if you had any classes in April or May this year because we might be in your area. Where exactly is your homesteading farm. Isn't it in West Virginia?

  5. We are in Concord NC.I am trying to get a schedule together now but you are always welcome to visit!!