Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Saturday Project~ Felted Dryer Balls

Another rainy day. According to the weather man we have fallen into a pattern of rain almost every other day and it is going to be this way for a couple more weeks!
So to occupy my time today, I decided to make these felted dryer balls. I had read about them recently. You toss them in your dryer and they help eliminate static electricity. They also help cut your drying time and soften your clothes. You can put a couple of drops of essential oils on them and they will lightly scent your clothes. Pretty cool! No need to ever buy dryer sheets again! I never use dryer sheets because of the toxic smell ( they would tend to give me headaches) and I was excited to try them out. They jeans and towels I dried them with did feel softer. Tomorrow I am going to wash a blanket that is always full of static electricity and I will let you know!
UPDATE! I washed the blanket and NO static. I see Christmas gifts....

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