Sunday, February 17, 2013

I got in soap making mode this weekend and had I not run out of supplies, I might still be stirring away! Ten logs were poured. Patchouli, herb garden, tangerine, lavender rosemary and cucumber melon were the scents made this go round. Smells pretty darn good around here!

I unmolded the ones from yesterday and will most likely cut them tomorrow. They will be ready for use in a few weeks! Now, I need to talk to the "girls" about milk...


  1. Just lovely Kelly. I noticed your stove/oven in the background. Do you mind telling me what kind you have? I have a separate gas cooktop w/separate electric ovens (GE) here in the City. But, I want a combo in the 'summer kitchen' at our Country House.

  2. It is Viking. Has 6 burners and a double oven. I love the gas burners and they are spaced enough to do two canners at one time. I am not crazy about the gas oven though. It cooks hot in the corners. I tend to use the electric wall ovens for baking.

    1. Thank you Kelly. I am looking around for used appliances & Viking is on the top of my list.

  3. The soap looks fantastic! I really just need to bite the bullet and try to make some.