Saturday, January 26, 2013

The only damage the storm brought here was from my own doing. It seems that when messing with the frozen faucet yesterday I turned it on and not back off. Ugh.
When I went to the barn this morning I heard the sound of running water. Not good. Sure enough the now unfrozen faucet was running full blast... inside the barn. It looked like it had been doing so for a while. Ugh, ugh. The hallway and first two front stalls were flooded. Thankfully the heavy layer of hay on the floor had absorbed some of the water and the poor critters that stayed in the barn were not in need of life jackets. Of course that meant I would need to do some rearranging. There was no way the animals could stay in that squishy area with wet bedding. I moved all the feed buckets and hay bins to the back side of the barn, closed off some gates and opened others. The yearling goats and ewe lambs quickly forgave me when they were able to bounce around in the small paddock enjoying the sunshine and the balmy 45* day. I had to laugh at their shenanigans.
I hated to confess my sins to Doug.... he really hates its when I leave the water running. But confess I did and that means we will be mucking out the barn in a day or two when things dry up a bit.


  1. So sorry to hear of your mistake. Glad to hear it was not worse.

    1. Nothing life altering for sure, but what a mess...;o)