Friday, January 25, 2013

A Nasty Day

I awoke this morning to the sound of sleet pelting the windows. I didn't think it was going to move in so soon. By 8:30 our road had a nice coating of ice on it so I decided to run my errands and get back to tend critters. I made a quick bank run and stopped to pick up birthdays cards. The local grocery store was a feeding frenzy and I was thankful not to have to deal with that! Back home I bundled up and started caring for the animals. Even though I had drained hoses one had just enough water frozen in it to not be able to fill tubs. That meant hauling water- 15, five gallon buckets of water. Another faucet was frozen solid. That one did have a heat strip so I rounded up a drop cord and plugged it up to get it started thawing. I fed lots of hay to keep the animals warm and busy until the storm passed. It took a couple of hours to get everyone settled. The frozen faucet had still not thawed and I finally decided to haul water for to those buckets as well. I called Mom to tell her not to get on the roads and headed up to tend her goats. By 2:30 the roads had become very slick and the news showed cars sliding everywhere. I  had a large fire burning and a pot of chili simmering. I paced nervously until all of my family was home. When the last one walked through the door I gave a hoop of delight and we settled in to see what the night would bring.

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