Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting My Garden Game On

I ordered seeds today. Out of the 40 or so packages only 4 were not open pollinated. Several new, yet old bean varieties will be tried this year. One is called Bountiful, from the late 1800's. An early bean and good for canning. Another called Black Valentine, pre 1850, is good eaten fresh and also a good variety to dry.
Since we will have another large area tilled in the spring we will be able to separate all the different varieties in order to save seed from the ones we like. My sister has already started broccoli and cauliflower for the early spring garden. Today we plan on starting cabbage. We will also start some peppers since they take as long as twelve weeks to be ready for transplant. Hopefully the other seeds will arrive very soon.
Being that we are planning to save a lot of our open pollinated and heirloom seeds, I have been trying to find a good filing system. I have come up with this one for now.
Old ring binders with sheet protectors to hold the seed packets. For the small seeds and packets I think this is going to work well.
Still pondering larger ones. In the past those seeds were usually kept in  labeled mason jars. All, of course,  will be stored in the barn fridge.

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