Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 Plans

As I have said in the past, I am not big on resolutions. However, I did make up my mind to shed my winter coat this year. It's hard to garden when your jeans are tight! ;o))
As far as homestead plans go we are definitely adding pigs. It has been a few years and the boys miss their pork sausage. Clean and local are becoming harder to find. Beef cattle should probably be here by summer's end. Due to my issues with chickens, we have decided to only raise what we need which will be in the 30-40  bird range. We are planning to enlarge the garden to make space for more corn and melons. My sister and I are still hoping for a large hoop house in order to prolong the garden season and I am still bucking for those ducks! I am planning to hold workshops here at the farm. Bread baking, soap making, dairying 101 and homesteading 101 are a few that are in the works. Some will be held as early as mid February. (email if you are interested!) Seed saving has become quite an interest of ours. We are ordering lots of heirloom and open pollinated vegetables in order to begin our own collection of seeds. Lastly, my husband has decided we should become even more self sufficient and so we have decided to only eat from what we raise, can, dehydrate and freeze, slashing our grocery bill to almost 0. Fine details have not been worked out... I must have coffee! We will continue to order in dry goods, wheat and beans, from our coop.
Oh and I am starting yet another blog. Homestead Preppers. Call me crazy, but I have been bombarded with questions from people wanting to know and learn more about our lifestyle, what we believe and how we do it.We have come through several disastrous acts of mother, the last one wasn't even an inconvenience. We were ready and prepared! This will only be a weekly posting but hopefully be of interest and help.
And there you have it, our plan for the year!

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