Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dreams Becoming Reality

After supper last night hubby informed me that we were headed to our Virginia farm in the morning. I asked why, since we hadn't planned to do so. He said someone had told him the gates were down and needed to be fixed.
This morning we left before daylight with tools and packed lunches.Though I always love going up there, I did mutter a bit on the way about this not being on my to do list today. Doug just laughed.
It was a beautiful ride up and I could see snow on the highest peaks. When we turned into the drive I was shocked. It seems that for part of my Christmas he had been busy putting in a long awaited drive. A new fence line was run along side of it with a new gate. I knew he had been working a lot lately and some nights he was pretty late, but had no clue this was going on. Our old drive was not even wide enough get a trailer in and required four wheel drive to get up it. All I could do was cry. It was so beautiful! With this done it means  barns can be built and new fences can be run.
Luke called from school this evening. So? He asked. I cried. I knew you would, he said.
Looking up the drive:
Back down:
Though still some work to be done here, the second set of gates at the top, opening into our fields:
(And yes that is a cow skull.... don't ask I said no the the second one he found!)
The "thinking rock"... where I am sure all this planning was started!
And finally the spring below that will someday be a little pool and waterfall....


  1. Yes it is!! As soon as the weather breaks we will be running new fences lines between us and the neighbors. Hope all is well with you!!