Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting My Hands Dirty

It was a glorious day today. Almost 70* with a slight breeze. Just a tease of Spring as the weather will be turning colder the end of the week. I was outside early and only stopped long enough for a snack because I did not want to waste one minute in the house.
My main goal was to plant a huge pile of bulbs that I had been gifted. A friend found them at Lowe's a while back when they were clearing out for new arrivals. She bought bags and bags for 1.00 each! Tulips and crocus and hyacinths, oh my! And snowdrops and checkered lily and alliums... About 240 bulbs altogether were put in the ground. I also planted some iris that I had purchased. I had an intense urge to weed and mulch but know it is still way too early for that. Spring will be here soon enough.
After feeding the critters I decided to wander across the pasture to my sister's and see what was happening in the greenhouse. She has started a beautiful array of lettuces. Many, she has put in large pots to eat on relatively soon. Others are still very small and will go in the ground as transplants. While I was there I helped transplant broccoli. We also started some celery. It is the one we grew last year called Tango and it did well in our climate. We did learn that it need lots of water and fertilizer, so I think this year will be even better. If so, I hope to dehydrate some this year. All too soon it was time to head home. Doug was waiting in the drive for me. "I don't see any supper started," he said. "Nope." He said he knew we would be eating leftover soup tonight. He knows me well. Now I'll  just go wash my hands and put it on to warm.

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