Saturday, January 5, 2013

Musical Goats

Being that my dairy goats are not due to kid until March I did some swapping around today. Mom's Nubians all singled this year and have a large surplus of milk. The heaviest milker was brought to my barn today and one of of my girls went up the hill to her barn. We did this by using her golf cart and leading them down the driveway. I am sure my neighbors all stood and shook their heads at our means of transport! It worked and one girl is settled in the barn ready to be put on a schedule. Depending on what she is willing to share I may bring another down next week. I am not ready to bottle feed yet so her little doe will be left with her for now.

Later I wandered through the garden and harvested our veggie tray~
 We have finally had some rain over the last two weeks and I am not having to use a pick ax to dig carrots!

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