Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dead Goats and Tree Stumps

It sucks getting older. No, let me rephrase that. Getting older doesn't bother me, in fact, I'll take each and every day with gratitude. What sucks is loosing the faculties I took for granted in my younger years. Like my eyesight, girlish figure and my sanity. I REALLY miss those.
Case in point....
Chores were finished today. A second load of firewood hauled up. It had been a long day. It was cold and windy and I was ready to build a fire, hunker down for a bit until time to finish up supper. Mom stopped by to enjoy the fire. When she got ready to leave,  I hurried to pack her a goody bag of local sausage, eggs and turnips. She had wandered to the kitchen window. "What is that white thing on the hill?" she asked. A rock. It always catches me off guard too, nothing down or dead. No, not that hill, THAT hill. OMG. Well, it looks like Tana,  my first time freshener, due to kid in March. She is taking a nap, I am sure. (well I wasn't sure, but I just fed her an hour ago, I know I did, she WAS standing there). I got out Luke's crappy binoculars. It still looked like Tana. You go on home. I'll go check and see. I pulled on my boots and heavy coat and with fear and trepidation headed to the far side of the pond. Well, it wasn't a rock.. or a goat.. it was a tree cut earlier this year covered with a dusting of frost.
And so this blind, chubby, crazy girl very happily trekked back to the house and her fire, vowing to paint the tree stump black as soon as the weather warmed.


  1. Oh Kelly,
    Bless you girl. I can only imagine the relief. And share your sentiments about all these cherished faculties evaporating! It will just have to stay funny. That seems the only way through. . .

  2. I loved this post, Kelly. You're a fine story teller!