Monday, July 30, 2012

Veggie Wars

World War Three here in the kitchen with vegetables fighting for counter space. Another huge load of tomatoes were harvested today. The first few ears of Silver Queen corn were picked too. Peppers elbowed their way in and the okra has come on. Not to mention the basil, just waiting to be made into pesto!!  Just when you think things are slowing a bit...

Today most of the vegetables were put on hold while I dealt with the honey. I had to sterilize jars and lids before pouring it up. I didn't get finished but close..

I will finish later tonight or tomorrow.
Yesterday we set the empty supers out for the bees to clean up. I also set the cappings out. They did a wonderful job cleaning up and tonight after dark we will put the frames and wax in the freezer to kill any unwanted creatures before storing them for next year.

Yes, next on my list of things to learn will be bees wax candles!

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