Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Sultry Saturday

An early morning in the kitchen. In addition to sourdough, I had several special orders to bake. By 9 a.m. I had 15 loaves baked and delivered. It was already 87* and I broke a sweat loading the truck.
Back home it was time to milk. I bypassed cleaning the kitchen, knowing all those dishes would be there when ever I got back and headed to the barn. I milked quickly and hurried back to the house to get it strained and cooled down. Those pots, jars and pails were added to the ever growing pile of dishes in the kitchen. Back to the barn where I scrubbed water tubs and filled with clean fresh water. Critters on that side tended I headed to the orchard side where the turkeys, chickens and sheep pasture are housed. Again, I scrubbed and filled water tubs and fed. I decided to check the sheep and unfortunately, most of the lambs looked in need of worming. I called them up with a bucket of grain. After some wrestling, all but three escapees were taken care of.
Next I headed to the garden, where as I expected, ripe tomatoes were bountiful. I picked a five gallon bucket and 2 peck baskets full. I knew today would be a salsa making day so I went ahead and harvested the onions and peppers that would be needed.
By now I felt as wilted as the poor zinnias looked that are growing at the corner of the garden, so I gathered the morning eggs and went to seek the cool refuge of the kitchen.
Before attacking the pile of dishes, I separated the tomatoes. I had a huge variety of sizes and colors. Red Zebras, Tigerella, Better Boy, Early Girl, Speckled Roman, Amish Paste, and Jaune Flammes lined the counter, looking like a tomato rainbow. Most will be combined in sauces, but the bright yellow/orange Jaune Flammes would be caramelized in the oven for topping pizzas and bread. They become incredibly sweet and delicious when roasted. I planned to freeze them for winter use, however pizza was on the menu for tomorrow, so some would be certainly be consumed right away. I sliced them in half, drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and roasted them at 300* for a couple of hours. Once they were popped in the oven, I started a batch of fromage cheese. That would top our pizza tomorrow as well!
The kitchen was finally cleaned and a double batch of salsa sat simmering on the stove. I sterilized jars and finished canning it around 4:30, just in time to head back out for evening chores.
Jaune Flammes before...
And after! Yum!


  1. My goodness! I'm exhausted just reading it. I don't seem to get 1/4 of what you get done.

  2. HaHa~ Just another day on the farm. Most nights I do sleep well though ;o))