Friday, July 20, 2012

Canning, Canning & More Canning

Much of the summer garden is starting to wane but the tomatoes are still producing great amounts. The last week or so I have put up 14 more pints of salsa and several more quarts of plain tomatoes. I was gifted with lots of cucumbers and added another 11 pints of pickles to our winter stash. I don't expect the first round of tomatoes to last much longer- maybe two more large pickings and I hope to get a round or two of spaghetti sauce from those. The okra is starting to bloom and the basil has finally started to get some size to it. So I look forward to fried okra and pesto in the near future. The late squash is already getting ready to bloom. The crowder peas are several inches tall and look good. Hopefully some more things will go in over the weekend and soon we will be planning the fall garden. Hard to believe!
The heat is still pretty wicked and though there has been rain around, we have only received just enough to keep us going. We did have one bad storm and lightning struck a tree just outside the house. A very large oak has a jagged gash from top to bottom. It will have to come down before long but will become firewood, so not all is lost. 

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