Monday, July 9, 2012

Canning Tomatoes

Today was a busy canning day. With buckets of tomatoes threatening to take over the kitchen, it was a must do chore. Not to mention we are down to one jar of plain tomatoes...
I got the early chores done, the milk strained and stored in the fridge. Before I could get started, I made a quick trip to band some horns on some goats I sold earlier in the Spring. My bad de-horning had reared it's ugly head and they had scurs popping up.
Once back home, I started peeling and chopping tomatoes. The romas were put in the dehydrator and all others went into the stock pot. Today's count was another 5 quarts. That bring the count to 13 quarts canned and 4 quarts frozen.
The pantry is starting to look full again!

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