Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking Off Honey

After breakfast and getting the goats milked we set up to take off the honey. We put a couple of  tables in the garage to work on along with the extractor. The tables held the capping and  holding tanks.
Doug and I took off the honey. One frame at a time was removed and gently brushed to remove the bees. I took that frame and put it in a covered super. We worked slowly and methodically.

After all the supers were removed, we headed to the garage to begin the real work. Only two bees hitched a ride.
Once in the garage we took of our suits. We had some extra help from my in laws and Luke and so to be quite honest it went rather quickly. One of the supers had really dark honey and the other two a much lighter. We decided to keep them separate.
We first capped the honey-

Then put it in the extractor-

and finally let it run into the holding tank-

Tomorrow I will jar it up. It looks like we got close to 6 gallons!!

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