Friday, July 13, 2012

Slicing Soap

We are totally out of soap and so Wednesday I made two double batches before running out of ingredients. Always seems to be that way, just when I get up to my arm pits making soap, I am shy one ingredient. This time it was olive oil. I made Rosemary Tea Tree and Patchouli this go round. I sliced what was made and left it to cure for a few weeks.
I also worked with the sheep since I am leaving to go to the coast tomorrow.(Again!) This time for Luke's orientation and hook up of phones and Internet. This long distance home owning is not so easy..
The lambs looked good but several adults needed to be wormed. This summer has been extremely hard on the flock. I am concerned for them. I have a few, that between the high heat and parasites, are having a rough time.
So tomorrow after baking and delivering I will be gone for a couple of days. Mom and hubby have the farm. I haven't been gone this much from here- ever. Things are showing neglect. Sigh. Once Luke is settled in a few weeks, I will certainly catch up.   

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