Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Snake Whisperer

I was cleaning the kitchen while Luke and his girlfriend were walking his dog. He came flying in and said, "You have got to see this!" I put on my shoes and went to investigate. A black snake had gotten himself in quite a predicament. Across from the townhouse (remember, I am at the beach) the people that had done erosion control had left a roll of mesh netting partially rolled and not smoothed out. Said snake was caught in the netting. I squatted down to see what could be done. Don't touch him, Luke yelled. Well, I certainly couldn't leave him there. Go get me the scissors. You are kidding? Nope. Scissors please. He came back with the scissors and I started cutting him out. Snake was very ticked. MOM! you are going to get bitten and I will not take you to the hospital!! It's just a black snake.. Then I was given this lecture on how they could strike half the length of their body or some such and would still make you sick, I had kinda tuned him out. Anyway, I finally got him loose and tried to shoo him away. Luke was very agitated by now and kept telling me to get back. I really wanted the snake away from the netting but decided to leave well enough alone. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure if Luke was really concerned about my safety or embarrassed that the neighbors were watching out of their windows at the crazy lady saving the snake ;o)) You see, I don't have any of those to worry about at home, neighbors, I mean.
Later that afternoon I went to check on my new friend only to find he was back in the netting! Ugh. I went back for the scissors again. Luke was ready to strangle me. This time when I got him out I had a flag pole and managed to flip him down the bank. Mission accomplished!


  1. I feel the same way. As long as I know a snake won't poison me, I'll rescue it. I rescued a corn snake from my apartment and a small tan snake from MPOW. People think I'm weird, but I use it as a chance to educate.

  2. I am going to relate this to Luke! Maybe he will not think I am so crazy after all.