Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Sauce & Freezing Corn

The bulk of the corn came in today. And the tomatoes still waited patiently on the counter. To be quite honest I didn't sleep well knowing what had to be accomplished today!
I got up early to bake and milk. As soon as I delivered the bread I got busy. I had the help of my mom today and without her, I certainly would not have gotten near as much done.
The first thing that went on was a huge pot of spaghetti sauce. Once it was simmering I headed to pull the corn, 21 dozen ears of corn. That was most of it. The rest will be ready on Friday.
And so we commenced to shucking, washing and cutting off the cob.
Oh and I had one more helper..she shucked one ear...

And enjoyed every bite ;o)
Most of the corn was bagged and frozen. One large pot had to wait since I ran out of freezer bags. It and the half cooked sauce went in the fridge to deal with on Friday. Long day, but the sight of all those lovely bags of corn lining the freezer shelves certainly make it worth it.

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