Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Hay

I can't believe it is hay mowing time again. We mowed the fields on two separate days so we could bale on two separate days. We were not sure what kind of help could be lined up and with Luke being gone...
But help we had, even showing up today on a Sunday! They are a wonderful group of guys!! 663 bales later all the fall cutting was in the barn. Most of this hay will be sold as the big barn is still full. That should help cover the costs of twine, fuel and paying the boys.
I was actually not needed this go round but I did get to mow-- only it was our yard, not the hay fields. I also worked up the last of the apples for a second round of jelly. The summer garden has played out except for okra, hot peppers and basil. I harvested large amounts of all three. I will spend this week preserving these goodies.

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