Saturday, August 18, 2012

Butchering Day #2

Up at five to get sourdough done before we could get started with the birds. Doug went to get ice and started setting up while I delivered bread.
Once back, he was almost ready. I put the water on to scald the birds, hooked up hose pipes and we were good to go. We got started around 8:45. This time I wore a mask, safety glasses and as always, gloves. It went well today. I had one boo boo moment. I butchered one of my new young layers by mistake. Oops! She was white and unfortunately happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also butchered an older rooster - he was in the pen and hey, certainly not producing anything! He will be dumplings tomorrow. Lastly, I  had to process one small turkey that had an injured leg and therefor would not reach adulthood. Waste not, want not. By the time everything was done, the birds iced and cleanup finished, it was after noon. I quick milked the grumpy goats and we grabbed a bite of lunch.
Next on the list was to attack the herb beds by the house that, due to all the rain looked like an oasis for snakes. We got one side done before the Heavens opened up and rain once more descended upon us. It was a passing thunderstorm and once gone allowed for me to get in the garden to pick okra and finish feeding before the next one came up.
It was a good day, a long day and one that I have to say I am glad is over!


  1. How did it go? Did you get sick this time?

  2. Nope I am fine~ must be something about the enclosed quarters of the horse trailer. All is good! Thanks for asking~

  3. Glad to read that you didn't get sick this time!!