Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturdays are sourdough days at the store. Up at five to get it in the pans. Then I started my list..
I wanted to get some house cleaning done. Between jarring up honey and putting up corn, my kitchen counters and floor were quite sticky and laundry was fast approaching a dangerous height... not a pretty picture. I still had to get the spaghetti sauce canned that I started on Wednesday. And then there were all those bowls of basil sitting on the counter..
By mid day the sauce was ready and jars were sterilized. This was the batch to be canned in pints. My pressure canner allows me to stack pints so it only took two rounds to get it all done. I made two large batches of pesto to freeze. I found some really cool pesto cube trays. They have attached snap on lids, fit in their own stackable trays and are BPA free. They come in a variety of sizes too. I think these may be one of my new favorite cool kitchen tools. With the way the lids fit my pesto won't get freezer burned like it did when I froze in ice cubes trays and stored in bags. Go to to check them out. They have some really yummy recipes on their website as well!

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