Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adding To The Chore List

Anytime I get to missing Luke too much I start doing his chores and that irritates me enough to get past it for a while!! Just kidding... but Doug and I are splitting what he used to do. He mowed, trimmed, did all of the blowing off the walks and drive and kept up the pool. Those were "his" chores and that did not include the other things he did like hay and firewood.
So today for the first time in many years I mowed grass. Not that I don't know how or can't but because there are these people called the striping police that think the yard must look a certain way and you absolutely cannot ride around in circles. The police are away at college. So I mowed..
 and mowed..
 and mowed.
Almost three hours of mowing. Granted, the grass was really tall having missed last week, so it was a slow process. Then I blew off the walks and drive. Then I went to check the pool. It was a hideous shade of green. Pu-leeze!! Off to the pool store for advice
By day's end I had to admit things looked pretty good, not near like what he did but not bad. And I only did the circle thing on one area!

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