Friday, August 17, 2012

It Has To Be Done!

We still have meat birds to butcher. I have been dreading and putting it off. We have reached a now or never point because some of the birds are starting to resemble small turkeys. This go round I have corralled all the birds in a small area with an electric netted fence. Fingers crossed we won't have too many escapees in the morning.
In light of how this has become a dreaded chore (and may not be good for me!) we have decided not to raise meat birds to sell anymore. It was good for the last few years as the birds we sold paid for the birds we ate and helped show income for farm tax purposes. My goal was accomplished. It looks like we have 27 to do and with the few turkeys slated for late winter that should take us far. Next year we will probably only plan to do 20 or so, depending on the looks of the freezers. What next? There is talk of pastured beef and lamb... we will see.

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