Friday, August 3, 2012

My intention was to get started really early and finish freezing the rest of the corn. However, I just kept getting side tracked. Imagine that.
First, I got busy at the barn scrubbing water buckets. Next I had to move the turkey tractor. Then there was another listless lamb that I had to haul across the field and to the barn. I got her situated with food water and vitamins. Back to the chicken coop where I pondered rearranging birds until Luke's four legged college buddy appeared, covered in what looked and smelled like turkey poop. Nice. I gave him a bath. Finally I pulled the rest of the corn, another 8 dozen ears or so. By this time it was almost 2- so much for an early start! Most of the corn is done and only a few small ears are left on the stalks. We will munch on those for the next week or so and sadly for us fresh corn season will be gone. However, the freezer is packed with many, many bags to be enjoyed throughout the coming months.

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