Monday, June 20, 2011

Pickled Beets & Yarn?

After the morning chores were finished it was time to pickle the beets I harvested yesterday. Of course I was out of vinegar and had to make a quick trip to the store~ imagine that! While they were simmering I picked the Japanese beetles off my grape vines. I will have to spray at some point, but I felt better after I had a jar full and then dumped them in the pond for the fish ;o). A total of 6 pints were tucked away in the pantry. After simmering the beets I had all that lovely red juice left over, even after making the brine. I couldn't resist throwing a white skein of yarn and a splash of vinegar in to see what happened. THEN I dumped it down the sink. A lovely shade of pink was the result. Maybe this winter I will knit me a hat...

More plums were ready and I picked another 5 gallon bucket, in addition to the the peck basket on Saturday. I am trying to find some other creative ways to use them besides jam, otherwise they will be gifted to friends.I will cook some down and freeze the juice, maybe even freeze a few for smoothies as well. I think I will dry some to add to muffins and breads. I harvested the last of the elephant garlic. More onions were harvested for the CSA. And once again the fridge is piled high with zucchini. A good garden day.

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