Friday, June 3, 2011

The Last Of The Peas

This week I picked the balance of the snow peas, another 1/2 bushel. Most of these were really large and so I had to shell them out. They were still, however, totally delicious. I also harvested the last of the carrots, another 8 pounds! The biggest find of the day were 3 zucchini and a handful of french filet green beans. After picking a couple of onions I knew supper was planned. A lovely pasta primavera with last year's basil marinara sauce.
I also harvested a rather large amount of broccoli that was starting to bolt and though not pretty to look at, was still tasty. It became "cream of broccoli soup".
Now it is time to till up all of the pea vines and ready ourselves for another planting. It has been wickedly hot and no rain is in sight. We are either going to have to run some irrigation or haul out the sprinklers soon.

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