Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Naughty Critters

Up before sunrise to bake and feed before work this morning. It was the usual quiet beginning to the day. Then my sister called.. your horse is leaning over the fence eating my tomato plants. AND your dog is chasing your goats---Oh no! those are my goats and they are in your pasture. Call you back. So, I headed to the barn and tossed some hay out in hopes to distract the horses. Called sis back. Goats ok? Yes~ teenage dog had them in a bunch, just watching. She was thankful for the bunching- I was thankful said teenage dog only "bunched"! Back to baking.
Last batch of bread in and I headed out to feed the meat birds. The "boo-boo" birds have discovered they can fly over the fencing and were helping themselves to the garden. ALL of the ripe tomatoes they could reach were half eaten. I hurriedly picked anything that looked close to being ripe. Ran the bad birds in another pen all the while explaining to them that I really do love chicken pot pie.
Finally off to work, only to arrive home this evening and find all the milk goats in the blueberry patch. I came barreling down the driveway blowing my horn. The startled little snots headed back to the pasture from where they escaped. Another 5 minutes and there would not have been a leaf left! Jeez!!!

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